ISO 28000 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for a security management system for the supply chain. It helps organizations of any size and industry to assess and manage their security risks, protect their assets and information, and ensure the continuity of their operations. ISO 28000 also provides a common framework for improving security performance and resilience across the supply chain. Organizations that implement ISO 28000 can demonstrate their commitment to security excellence and gain a competitive advantage in the global market.

ISO 28000 is a series of international standards that specify the requirements for a security management system for the supply chain. It helps organizations with global supply chains to understand their level of risk and gives them a framework to act on any weak points.

It also helps businesses of any size, and at any point in a supply chain, to develop reliable disaster management strategies in case unforeseen problems arise. ISO 28000 is applicable to all types of organizations, such as commercial enterprises, government or other public agencies and non-profit organizations, that are involved in manufacturing, service, storage or transportation at any stage of the production or supply chain.

 ISO 28000 was first published in 2007 and revised in 2022. It is not industry or sector specific and can be used throughout the life of the organization. Organizations that choose to implement ISO 28000 can demonstrate their conformance to the standard by self-declaration, third-party certification or accreditation.

Benefits of ISO 28000 certification to your organization:

If you want to secure your supply chain and gain a competitive edge in the market, you need to get ISO 28000 certified. Here’s why:

  •  ISO 28000 certification shows that you care about protecting your goods from intentional threats and attacks. You can prove to your customers, suppliers, and authorities that you have a robust security management system in place.
  •  ISO 28000 certification gives you access to the Full Authorisation as an Authorised Economic Operator, which means you can enjoy faster and smoother customs procedures. You can save time and money by avoiding delays and inspections.
  •  ISO 28000 certification helps you to benchmark your security management practices with the best in the world. You can reduce your security risks and costs by following the proven guidelines and standards of ISO 28000.
  •  ISO 28000 certification boosts your reputation and recognition as a secure and reliable partner in the supply chain. You can attract more business opportunities and increase customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to security.
  •  ISO 28000 certification makes it easy for you to integrate security management with other management systems based on ISO standards, such as quality, environmental, and business continuity. You can streamline your processes and operations and improve your overall performance.
  • ISO 28000 certification enables you to identify and manage security risks, including those related to personnel, products, data, and infrastructure. You can protect your valuable assets and ensure their safety and integrity throughout the supply chain.
  •  ISO 28000 certification improves your resilience and preparedness for security incidents and emergencies. You can respond effectively and efficiently to any situation and minimize the impact on your business continuity.
  •  ISO 28000 certification increases your compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to security management. You can avoid fines, penalties, and legal consequences by adhering to the relevant laws and regulations.

Don’t wait any longer. Get ISO 28000 certified today and enjoy these benefits and more.

Benefits of ISO 28000 certification to your organization:

Benefits of ISO 28000 certification to your customers:

  •  Improve the quality of services your organization provides to its customers by implementing security and safety standards in the supply chain
  •  Increase customer trust in your organization and enhance its reputation as a reliable transportation and storage partner
  •  Provide new opportunities for cooperation with local and international customers who require ISO 28000 certification as a condition for contracting
  •  Reduce the potential risks that your organization or its customers may face due to terrorist incidents, disruptions, or attacks
  •  Achieve better compliance with local and international laws and regulations related to security and safety in the supply chain

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