iso 39001

iso 39001

In fact, the ISO 39001 standard is one of the most important standards that specifies all the requirements and controls for road traffic safety management, especially since it contributes to applying the most important practices to maintain security and safety on all roads. When all its requirements are implemented, in fact, accidents will be reduced to a large extent. All methods to which its standards have been applied will be extremely safe. In this article, we explain all the information about this standard and reveal its advantages and objectives.

What is the ISO 39001 standard?

In the beginning, traffic safety is one of the most important things that must be worked on all the time, because of the number of risks that may occur as a result of not paying attention to it or applying its standards. The ISO 39001 standard targets all public and private institutions from all over the world, in addition to targeting drivers. also.
This standard provides all the necessary tools to work to reduce and eliminate traffic accidents completely. It also prevents many serious risks and injuries and reduces the incidence of deaths as a result of these accidents. It can also be said that ISO certification helps institutions overcome danger by complying with specific laws.

Features of the ISO 39001 standard

In fact, this standard has many benefits and very tremendous advantages. When work is done to implement its conditions by institutions, the results will be very positive. In this context, we explain to you all the advantages resulting from this standard:

  • This standard works to achieve all traffic safety goals.
  •  It also contributes to achieving public safety goals.
  •  This standard proves the seriousness of institutions and their complete concern for the safety of citizens and keeping them safe.
  •  This standard helps identify all the tools and means that help raise the efficiency of management levels.
  •  It also contributes to reducing costs related to development programs.
  •  Companies obtaining this standard greatly raises their standing

Why is the ISO 39001 standard so important?

The proven fact is that the ISO 39001 standard achieves many positive results, so it should be at the top of companies’ requirements at the present time. It can also be said that its standards are specific international requirements that organizations must comply with in order to ensure a traffic safety and traffic management system. Also right, here are all the reasons why this standard is important for organizations:

• Contributes to organizational compliance in all applicable ways.
• It reduces the rate of traffic accidents.
• Significantly reduce the costs of small accidents.
• The ability to gain a significant competitive advantage.
• Ensuring quality and road safety.
• Achieving all traffic safety goals.


How to obtain ISO 93001 certification

After learning about the importance of this certificate and the benefits resulting from obtaining it, we now explain all the steps and methods that help organizations obtain this certificate at the present time. This is what is achieved by following the following steps:

  1. First, you must familiarize yourself with all the requirements of the ISO 93001 standard.
  2.  Determine the plan necessary to fully implement these requirements.
  3.  Know the main elements of this program and work to implement them.
  4.  After the system for this standard is fully implemented, an official application can be submitted.
  5.  This application must be submitted to one of the competent authorities to grant this certificate.
  6.  This entity works to carefully verify the implementation of the Traffic Safety Management Program.
  7.  After verifying that the program has actually been implemented, the certificate will be granted upon payment of the fees.
  8.  The certificate is renewed annually if the program continues and develops as well.

Conditions for obtaining the ISO 39001 certificate

In the context of knowing all the information about this certificate and the advantages that accrue to institutions from obtaining it, in this context we also explain all the specific conditions that must be met to obtain the ISO 39001 certificate. We present to you the conditions as follows:

  1.  The company must already be registered and have a commercial register.
  2.  The institution that wants to obtain the certificate must implement all specified systems and meet the specifications required to grant the certificate.
  3.  Applying to an official body to grant this certificate.
  4.  Follow all policies set by ISO.
  5.  Pledge and acknowledge the implementation of quality.

Documents required to obtain the ISO 93001 certificate

When applying for this certificate, there are several required documents that must be provided to grant and obtain the certificate. In this regard, we explain to you all the papers through the following lines:

  1.  Submitting a commercial registration document.
  2.  Operating certificate.
  3.  Production permits.
  4.  Document and ownership contracts.
  5.  Tax papers too.
  6.  In addition to evidence of the system’s implementation

iso 39001


At the end of this article, we provided all the information about the ISO 39001 standard, indicating the documents required to obtain the certificate, in addition to the specific conditions. We also presented all the features of this standard and the results resulting from the implementation of its programs. We also explained the steps for obtaining the ISO certificate for traffic safety management, in addition to the objectives. Implement this program and obtain the certificate.

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