iso 28000

iso 28000

ISO 28000 standard is one of the internationally recognized international standards that was determined by the international organization ISO to help all organizations and protect them from any risks that may threaten them, by applying the standard and working to impose a very strong security system, in addition to following some important security measures, in this The article explains how to obtain an ISO certificate for security procedures and the most important advantages for companies from this step.

What is the ISO 28000 standard?

In fact, it is the ISO 28000 standard that aims to achieve security and safety for companies. This is in fact to maintain the transportation of their goods and internal systems without being exposed to any danger or any threat of any kind at all, as transportation has become one of the complex matters that all companies fear, in light of The risks that threaten it, such as theft or smuggling of goods, so applying this standard leads to security safety and proper management of security risks, while providing strong insurance for companies.

Who is the ISO 28000 standard for?

In fact, the ISO standard for security management targets all companies that want to work on improving their security and safety operations. This is by following certain preventive measures that lead to achieving that result, in addition to implementing some important security programs, in addition to also documenting within management. This is what results in… About corporate security and avoiding all risks that may be exposed to as a result of not applying this standard.

Advantages of ISO 28000 certification

Obtaining the ISO 28000 certificate leads to the companies that have obtained it benefiting from many different advantages. Therefore, companies seek to obtain this certificate all the time to benefit from its advantages, which we present as follows:

Transparency of work

The company that applies this standard and implements all its programs benefits greatly from this advantage, as it deals transparently with all other institutions, and dealing with it is the first choice for all different institutions and companies.

Gain customer trust

It is certain that obtaining the ISO 28000 certificate leads to gaining the trust of all customers with whom the company deals, because this certificate indicates the extent of the company’s professionalism and its preservation of the security of its products or services, so dealing with it is better than dealing with companies that do not apply this standard.

Risk control

One of the advantages of this standard is that it facilitates the process of controlling risks, because the procedures followed help company owners and those in charge of them to fully manage and control risks, not to mention also anticipate them and deal with them immediately.

Protection of supply operations

Studies and statistics have indicated that many companies around the world face great risk during supply operations, which includes smuggling, theft, or any other similar matters, but one of the advantages of applying the ISO 28000 standard is that it completely prevents these risks and leads to the protection of supply operations in its entirety.


Cost reduction


Companies may spend a very large financial cost due to their pursuit of the insurance goal, but one of the advantages of the ISO 28000 standard is that it leads to saving that cost completely, and this is what benefits the company.


 Avoid the risks of cross-border trade


The biggest danger that often threatens companies when supplying their products is the occurrence of theft and smuggling, especially when starting to trade across borders, but one of the advantages of ISO 28000 is that it ensures that this matter is completely avoided and helps the company protect its products from these risks once and for all.


 Gain a competitive advantage


Companies that have been certified to the ISO standard gain a strong competitive advantage in the market, turning into a major brand and always being the best choice for all customers and other companies looking to supply or deal with them.


 Requirements for obtaining ISO 28000 certification


Obtaining the ISO 28000 certificate is achieved by fulfilling some important requirements, including the following:

• Meet requirements according to international regulations.

• Define strong security plans.

• Training company employees to implement these plans.

• Submit complete official papers, which include the commercial register and all other papers.

• Achieve all requirements of the standard.

• Official documents proving the application of the program must also be submitted.

• After that, a comprehensive audit of the company is conducted in order to verify that the company meets all requirements


 How to obtain ISO 28000 certification?


You can obtain the ISO certificate for security risk management by following an important set of steps. We explain all the steps to you in detail through the following lines:

• You can contact us to obtain the ISO 2800 certificate.

• We provide you with this service if all specified international conditions are met.

• We provide you with the certificate at a completely reasonable financial cost.


iso 28000


In the end, you can obtain the ISO 28000 certificate if you fulfill all the requirements that we mentioned to you. All you have to do is start by contacting us to obtain this service and benefit from all the features that we presented in detail, which affect the course of the brand in a very significant way.

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