ISO 17020 Consultancy and Training

ISO 17020 Consultancy and Training

ISO 17020 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistency of bodies that perform inspection activities. Inspection bodies are organizations that examine the design, construction, operation, maintenance or condition of items, products, installations, processes, work procedures or services, and determine their conformity with requirements. Inspection bodies can be of type A, B or C, depending on their degree of independence from the parties involved.

ISO 17020 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and was published in 2012. It replaced the previous edition from 1998. The standard is applicable to any stage of inspection and covers the general requirements for the management system, personnel, facilities, equipment, methods, procedures, records and reports of inspection bodies.

ISO 17020 is the procedure for Inspection body accreditation by which an authoritative body gives a formal recognition that an inspection body is competent and impartial to carry out the inspection service according to The objective of accreditation is to assure the clients of the quality of the inspection service of the inspection body as well as to avoid duplicate inspection.

The benefits of ISO 17020 accreditation:

  • The benefits of ISO 17020 accreditation include:

    – Demonstrating the competence and credibility of inspection bodies to their clients, regulators and stakeholders

    – Enhancing the quality and consistency of inspection services and reducing errors and risks

    – Increasing customer satisfaction and confidence in inspection results and reports

    – Facilitating trade and market access by meeting international requirements and recognition

    – Improving the performance and efficiency of inspection bodies and their management systems

    – Encouraging continual improvement and innovation in inspection processes and practices

    – It enhances the confidence and trust in the inspection results and reports.

    – It facilitates the recognition and acceptance of inspection activities across national borders and reduces technical barriers to trade.

    – It promotes the harmonization and consistency of inspection practices worldwide.

    – It supports the continuous improvement and development of inspection bodies.

Our Service Offerings and Approach

ISO CERT can help you in the following areas:

  • Developing and implementing ISO 17020 Standard.
  • Administrative requirements
  • Requirements for independence, impartiality, integrity & Confidentiality
  • Help you achieve policies and objectives
  • Inspection methods and procedures
  • Handling of inspection samples and items
  • Control of records
  • Undertake relevant training for your employees.
  • Producing records demonstrating conformance with ISO 17020 requirements.

Using the ISO CERT approach to ISO 17020 Accreditation in an Organizations covers:

  • Professional support for accreditation process.
  • Define the scope of accreditation.
  • Procedure for protecting the integrity of data produced by the organization
  • Procedure for ensuring the security of data produced by the organization
  • Procedure for performing inspections & for avoiding deterioration or damage to inspection items
  • Prepare your staff to face the accreditation board.
  • Undertake relevant training for your employees.
  • Undertake schedule of internal audits.
  • Undertake your annual surveillance audits.
  • Act as your third-party professional organization/quality advisory board or quality management department.


  • An ISO 17020 accredited inspection body has a definite advantage over competitors.
  • Establish confidence of management and clients on results as well as reports and enlarge client trust as well as market share.
  • International recognition and credibility.
  • Comparative analysis of data as well as perfect record keeping.
  • Enhanced level of motivation, co–operation, workmanship and quality alertness including competence
  • Enhanced effectiveness, productivity and efficiency in the overall Inspection bodies operation.
  • Give guidelines and better control for maintenance of tools, preservation of inspection records etc
  • Greater control of procedures and activities throughout Inspection bodies.
  • Savings in terms of time and money due to decrease or removal of re–inspection / re–work etc.
  • Insurer provides lower premium to accredited organizations.

ISO CERT is the preferred consulting company for ISO 17020 laboratory accreditation across the middle east. We will get your organization accredited quickly. We can provide you with a complete system including a Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms and other documentation along with the training for your staff and support through the accreditation process to get you to the point you need to be – ISO 17020 ACCREDITED. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of working with various accreditation bodies for Inspection Body Management System Accreditations

If you are interested in implementing ISO 17020 in your organization, you can contact us for more information. We are a certified ISO ISO17020 consultant that can help you design, develop, implement, audit, and improve your information security management systems. We have the expertise, experience, and tools to help you achieve your goals.