What is Human Resource Management System?

What is Human Resource Management System?

ISO 30405 is an international standard that provides guidance on how to attract, source, assess and recruit people. It aims to help organizations achieve their recruitment objectives while fostering a positive candidate experience. It was first published in 2016 and revised in 2023 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It can be used by any organization regardless of type or size. It is part of a series of standards on human resource management that cover various aspects of people management, such as performance, diversity, learning and development, and health and safety. It covers key processes and practices, such as:

  • Preparing and planning: defining the recruitment policy, strategy, budget, roles and responsibilities, and legal and ethical requirements.
  • Sourcing: identifying and reaching out to potential candidates through various channels, such as job boards, social media, referrals, agencies, etc.
  • Assessing: evaluating the suitability of candidates for the job and the organization using various methods, such as interviews, tests, simulations, etc.
  • Employing: making the final decision and offer, negotiating the terms and conditions, conducting pre-employment checks, and onboarding the new hires.

The standard also provides guidance on how to evaluate and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process, as well as how to improve it continuously.

The standard is intended to be used by any organization regardless of type or size that wants to improve its recruitment practices and outcomes. It can be used as a self-assessment tool or as a basis for external audits or certifications. It can also be used in conjunction with other standards on human resource management or quality management.

ISO 30405 does not prescribe specific methods or tools for each of these processes and practices, but rather provides general principles and guidelines that can be adapted to different contexts and situations. Organizations can use various sources of information, such as benchmarks, best practices, research, feedback, and data analysis, to inform their decisions and actions.

ISO 30405 is a voluntary standard that can be used by any organization, regardless of its size, sector, or location. It can be used as a self-assessment tool or as a reference for external audits or consultations. It can also be integrated with other standards or frameworks that relate to human resource management, such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 26000 (social responsibility), or ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety).

Why is ISO 30405 important?

ISO 30405 is not a requirement or a certification standard. It is a voluntary guidance document that can be adapted to the specific context and needs of each organization. It does not prescribe specific methods or tools for recruitment, but rather provides a framework of principles and best practices that can be applied in different situations. ISO 30405 can be used by any organization regardless of type or size. It can help organizations to:

– Enhance their employer brand and reputation by providing a positive candidate experience and demonstrating their commitment to fair and ethical recruitment practices.

– Attract and retain talent that matches their current and future needs by using effective sourcing strategies and assessment methods.

– Reduce recruitment costs and risks by optimizing the recruitment processes and resources, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

– Improve organizational performance and sustainability by hiring people who can contribute to the achievement of the organizational goals and values.

– Increasing the engagement and retention of their employees and reducing turnover.

– Contributing to their social responsibility and sustainability goals.

– Boosting their performance and competitiveness

Why is ISO 30405 important?
What are the main features of ISO 30405?

What are the main features of ISO 30405?

The main features of ISO 30405 are:

– It covers the whole recruitment process, from preparing and planning to managing the different phases and stakeholders, including recruitment policy development, sourcing, screening, selection, offer, onboarding and evaluation.

– It applies to any organization regardless of type or size, and to any type of recruitment, whether internal or external, permanent or temporary, full-time or part-time.

– It is based on the principles of fairness, transparency, professionalism, diversity and inclusion, and respect for privacy and confidentiality.

– It offers guidance on how to align the recruitment process with the organizational strategy, culture and values, as well as with the legal and ethical requirements.

– It emphasizes the importance of measuring and improving the recruitment process and its outcomes, such as quality of hire, time to hire, cost per hire, retention rate and candidate satisfaction.

– It encourages the use of innovative and effective methods and tools for recruitment, such as social media, online platforms, gamification, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

How can organizations implement ISO 30405?

To implement ISO 30405, organizations need to follow a systematic approach that involves:

– Establishing the context and scope of their human resource management system

– Defining their human resource objectives and policies

– Designing and implementing their human resource processes and practices

– Evaluating and monitoring their human resource results and performance

– Reviewing and improving their human resource system


Some examples of human resource processes and practices that are covered by ISO 30405 are:

– Employer branding: creating and communicating a positive and distinctive image of the organization as an employer

– Recruitment: identifying, attracting, and sourcing potential candidates for the organization’s vacancies

– Selection: assessing and choosing the most suitable candidates for the organization’s roles

– Induction: introducing and integrating new hires into the organization’s culture, values, and expectations

– Retention: developing and retaining employees through career management, learning and development, recognition, rewards, and well-being

How can organizations implement ISO 30405?

ISO 30405 is a valuable resource for organizations that want to enhance their human resource management and achieve better results. By implementing ISO 30405, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to excellence in attracting and retaining talent, which is essential for their success in today’s dynamic and competitive environment.

If you are interested in implementing ISO 30405 in your organization, you can contact us for more information. We are a certified ISO 30405 consultant that can help you design, develop, implement, audit, and improve your HR. We have the expertise, experience, and tools to help you achieve your goals.