Accreditation Consultancy.

our team of experts can help you achieve accreditation for your organization. Accreditation is a process of external review that evaluates the quality and effectiveness of your services, programs, policies, and procedures. Accreditation can provide you with many benefits

We can assist you with every step of the accreditation process, from planning and preparation, to application and documentation, to assessment and improvement. We have experience working with various accreditation standards and bodies

We offer a range of services to help you achieve your accreditation goals, whether you are a new or existing organization, a small or large business, or a public or private sector entity. We can help you with:

– Preparing for accreditation standards and requirements

– Developing and implementing policies and procedures

– Conducting internal audits and assessments

– Providing training and coaching for staff and management

– Facilitating external reviews and site visits

– Resolving accreditation issues and challenges

– Maintaining and improving your accreditation status

Corporate Training
Auditing Services.

Auditing services are essential for any organization that wants to achieve ISO certification. ISO standards are internationally recognized benchmarks for quality, safety, and environmental performance. An audit is a systematic and independent examination of an organization’s processes, products, or services to verify their compliance with the relevant ISO requirements. An audit can also identify areas for improvement and best practices that can enhance the organization’s performance and reputation.

There are different types of audits, such as internal audits, external audits, and certification audits. Internal audits are conducted by the organization itself or by a third-party auditor hired by the organization. External audits are conducted by an independent body, such as a certification body or a regulatory authority. Certification audits are a specific type of external audit that leads to the issuance of an ISO certificate if the organization meets the criteria.

Auditing services can help organizations prepare for and undergo certification audits, as well as maintain and improve their ISO compliance. Auditing services can provide guidance, training, documentation, evaluation, and feedback to the organization throughout the audit process. Auditing services can also help organizations resolve any nonconformities or corrective actions that may arise from the audit findings.

By hiring our auditing services, your organizations can benefit from the expertise and experience of our qualified auditors who have in-depth knowledge of the ISO standards and their application. Auditing services can also save time and resources for the organization by taking care of the audit planning, execution, reporting, and follow-up. Auditing services can also ensure that the audit is conducted in a fair, impartial, and professional manner, following the principles of ethics and confidentiality.

ISO Care Services

ISO Certification.

ISO is an independent, non-governmental organization that develops and publishes standards for various sectors and topics, such as quality management, environmental management, information security, artificial intelligence and more. 

ISO certification is a process that verifies that an organization meets the requirements of a specific standards.

ISO standards are internationally recognized guidelines for quality management, environmental management, information security, occupational health and safety, and other aspects of business performance.

ISO certification can provide many benefits for an organization, such as improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced reputation, and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

ISO certification can also demonstrate the organization’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.

ISO certification is a way of demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers and complies with the international standards set by ISO.

Accreditation Consultancy

Corporate Training

Corporate training it’s a service that helps businesses and organizations implement, maintain and improve their compliance with ISO standards. Corporate training can help businesses and organizations gain competitive advantage, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase productivity and foster a culture of excellence. Corporate training is a valuable investment that can help your company or organization to achieve excellence, innovation and sustainability through ISO standards.

By hiring our professional team of trainers, we can help your corporate employees to, enhance their knowledge and skills on ISO standards, improve their performance and productivity, increase their confidence and credibility, reduce errors and risks, Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty and gain a competitive edge in the market.

We provide various formats of corporate training such as, Online courses and webinars, Classroom sessions and workshops, On-the-job coaching and mentoring and Self-paced learning materials and resources.

Our Corporate training courses can be customized to suit the needs and goals of your organization, such as, The size and scope of the organization, The level and role of the employees, The current and desired level of ISO compliance and the budget and timeline of the training.

Auditing Services
ISO Care Services

ISO Care Services is a quality management, consulting and training and certification services for organizations that want to maintain ISO certification. By implement and maintain the standards and requirements of iso, such as iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 27001, and more.

 By hiring our company, we offer you the helps of Our team of experienced and qualified professionals who are familiar with the iso requirements and best practices. We can assist businesses or organizations of any size and industry.

we committed to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction as we committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the needs and expectations of any businesses or organizations.

Our company is your trusted partner for iso solutions.

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British company registered in the United Kingdom government Our head office is located in London, also we have our offices located all over the world ISO CERT INTERNATIONAL LTD has ISO 17021-1:2015 Accreditation from European Accreditation Services (EAS)
ISO CERT INTERNATIONAL LTD provides ISO certifications services including issuing certificates, implementation, qualifications, and training services We depend on Qualified Auditors, consultants, and Trainers who helps organizations to implement the highest standards of management systems
We are proud to serve diverse markets and business sectors with a wide range of accredited ISO certifications, and training solutions worldwide.